Summer 2012

Feverishly working to finish recording the new Dolly Varden album – release date October 2nd, 2012!. We’re recording and mixing mostly here at my home studio, Kernel Sound Emporium. We’re also spending a day with John Abbey at Kingsize soon, tracking a handful of new songs live. There’s bunch of new shows listed – including the debut of Funeral Bonsai Wedding, my band with Frank Rosaly, Jason Roebke and Jason Adasiewicz at SPACE in Evanston – the best new venue around. That show is Saturday, June 30th – a double-bill with the great Phil Angotti and his band. You might know – or you might not know – that I regularly record and produce albums for Chicago-based singer-songwriters at Kernel. I’m very excited to announce that two new albums that I worked on are getting officially released this summer: John Engelmann’s “Someone Like Me” and Eugenia Elliot’s “4000 Weeks.” John celebrates the release of his album on Friday, June 8th at FitzGerald’s in Berwyn. I’m opening the show with my friends Ingrid Graudins and Steve Frisbie. Here’s a song from John’s album called “Taking My Life” – a narrative based on a handful of true stories of men in Illinois who were released from years on death row after DNA evidence proved their innocence. Have a listen:

Eugenia Elliot will celebrate the release of her album, “4000 Weeks” at SPACE in Evanston on Sunday, July 22nd. You can hear samples of the album at her website. Hope to see you soon! -Steve