Kernel Sound Emporium is a project recording studio in Chicago, IL. It’s been in operation since the mid 2000’s. I’ve recorded many dozens of Chicago’s talented  singer / songwriters, many of those have released albums. My own albums, “At The Bottom Of A Canyon In The Branches Of A Tree,” “I Will Miss The Trumpets And the Drums,” and Dolly Varden’s “For A While” were recorded and mixed at Kernel. Recent clients include Nora O’Connor, Gerald Dowd, Marian Runk, Flo Estes, Kent Rose, Kathy Greenholdt, Melanie Budd, Chrissy Johnson and many, many more. 

I record with Pro Tools via a Universal Audio Apollo using a handful of fancy and not so fancy mic pres and microphones. I have guitars, drums, bass, keyboards and lots of various thingys to make music. I often end up playing many instruments on people’s albums. I am most experienced on guitar but I can play bass pretty well and simple drums not too bad, and sing vocal harmonies, too. If you’re looking for a no pressure place to make some nice recordings of your songs, drop me a line. I can add guitar, bass, drums, texture, harmonies to recordings, too, so if you are looking to add some stuff to your home recordings, or want a fresh set  of ears to mix your recordings get in touch: