New Album
“At The Bottom Of A Canyon In The Branches Of A Tree”
coming July 16th on Pravda Records

First single, “22 Rubber Bands” comes out April 23rd

featuring Funeral Bonsai Wedding and Quartet Parapluie
Available Everywhere

This achingly gorgeous album shows what can result from emotional and artistic honesty. It’s a rare and wonderful thing.  This isn’t so much an album as it is musical world-building.” – Popmatters

“Touchstones. Talismans. Certain pieces of music have the ability to transport you to a different dimensionMerging the landscape between folk and jazz, it approaches the sublime with subtlety and grace. A touchstone for our times, a talisman pointing to a moment of sheer beauty, Last Flight Out reminds us of the power of music to engage and inspire.” – Folk Radio