I teach songwriting, guitar group classes, and private lessons at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago.
My current schedule with links to class descriptions and online registration is here.

Learning to play music with others is a profound, life-changing thing and much preferred over trying to learn how to play alone in a room with you tube. You’ll have fun, you’ll learn, you’ll become more musical and you’ll meet a lot of great new people. Classes are 80 minutes long and run weekly for 8 weeks. For more information click on my Old Town School page above or call the school at 773-728-6000

I also teach private lessons from my home in Chicago either in person or online on Zoom. If you’re looking for songwriting consultation, inspiration or advice on anything having to do with making up songs, editing them, refining them and maybe eventually sharing them with others, send me a note at steve@stevedawsonmusic.com and we’ll talk.