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“Preaching To The Choir” from I Will Miss the Trumpets and the Drums

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(An) eclectic humdinger of an album that tantalises the ears and calms the soulI could rattle off a list of why each and every song on Dawson’s album is great, which they are…The best thing about ‘I Will Miss the Trumpets and the Drums’ is the musical journey, leaving a feeling you’ve just been taken somewhere special. Super duper”. Americana UK

“a gently sublime affair…Dawson is a master when it comes to crafting gently engaging melodies and supple musings” Blurt

“The more one tries to pin Dawson down, the slipperier his music gets. Whether with Dolly Varden or on his own, Steve Dawson doesn’t fit in any single genre. From alt-country to folk rock, from classic pop to Muscle Shoals soul, Dawson draws influences into the service of his impeccably formed melodies and his intriguing, bittersweet lyrics.” Steve Pick, KDHX-FM, St. Louis