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Steve Dawson’s Funeral Bonsai Wedding (2014)
Dolly Varden, “For A While” (2013)
“I Will Miss The Trumpets And The Drums” (2010)
Dolly Varden: “The Panic Bell” (2007)
“Sweet Is The Anchor” (2005)
“Demos for Dolly” (2004)
Steve Dawson & Diane Christiansen: “Duets” (2003)
Dolly Varden: “Forgiven Now” (2002)
Dolly Varden: “The Dumbest Magnets” (2000)
Dolly Varden: “The Thrill of Gravity” (1998)
Dolly Varden: “Mouthful of Lies” (1995)
Stump The Host: “California Zephyr (7″ single, 1993)