I’ve finally had a chance to put together this page of videos from the September residency at the Hideout. It was an amazing experience. All 3 shows exceeded any expectations I had. I am so grateful to everyone who played and sang, and to everyone who came out on Monday nights to see the shows.

Wonderful review and photos of the first two shows by Robert Loerzel at Underground Bee here

Many, many thanks to David Sameshima and Heather Copeland for the videos!!!!!!!!!!!

Dolly Varden plays “The Panic Bell” on its 10th anniversary
with Diane Christiansen, Mark Balletto, Mike Bradburn and Matt Thobe

Set 1: The Panic Bell
“Complete Resistance” into “Everything”

“Small Pockets”

“All Gonna Change”

“The Truth Is Told”

“You Never Will”

“Sold Down The River”

“Triumph Mine, Idaho”

“Your Last Mistake”
the last time we played this, in December of 2016, it became a primal scream at the end. This time I didn’t want to go that direction again, so I played it on electric piano and kept it more or less like the recorded version.

“Good Provider”

Set 2: new songs, etc
(OK, we’d had a few drinks by this point and things got quite a bit “looser”)
“22 Rubber Bands”

“Is That Your Boy” (from “Mouthful of Lies”). We didn’t plan on playing this, something reminded Diane of it and we just went with it.

Sometimes Diane says something that leads to something else… her mic stand was having trouble staying up so she said she needed a “fluffer.” At that point David started taking video… “Fluffer / Satchmo pt 1 and 2”
with sincere apologies to Louis Armstrong

“My Sister and Me”

The All-Star “Bridge-Tacular!” with Casey McDonough, Bill Brickey, Kelly Hogan, Nora O’Connor, Alton Smith, Rachel Drew and Larry Brown, MC’d by “Take it to the Bridge: Unlocking the Great Songs Inside You” co-author, Mark Caro

“Back On The Chain Gang” by Chrissie Hynde / The Pretenders, sung by Steve Dawson

“I Feel Fine” by The Beatles, sung by Casey McDonough

“Johnny Strikes Up The Band” by Warren Zevon, sung by Alton Smith

“Someone Saved My Life Tonight” by Elton John, sung by Nora O’Connor

“I’ve Been The One” by Lowell George, sung by Kelly Hogan

“Nights On Broadway” by The Bee Gees, sung by Kelly Hogan

“Ooh, Baby Baby” by Smokey Robinson, sung by Rachel Drew

“Something’s Got A Hold On Me” by Etta James, sung by Rachel Drew

“As” by Stevie Wonder, sung by Bill Brickey

“Do Ya” by ELO, sung by Steve Dawson

“Suspicious Minds” by Elvis, sung by Casey McDonough

Monday September 25th
Funeral Bonsai Wedding + Quartet Parapluie
Steve Dawson w Jason Adasiewicz (vb) Jason Roebke (bs) Gerald Dowd (dr) Diane Christiansen (voice)  Melissa Bach (cello) Vannia Phillips (viola) Inger Carle (violin) Andra Kulans (violin)

“The Night Of The Liquor Store Fire”

“In The Glow”

“Gonna Miss You”

“Ezra Pound and the Big Wood River”


“Last Flight Out”

“However Long It Takes”

“It’s Not What You Think”

“While We Were Staring Into Our Palms”

“Put A little Love In Your Heart” sing a long!