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Funeral Bonsai Wedding with Strings at Square Roots Festival 7/14

Preview my upcoming album with Funeral Bonsai Wedding (Jason Roebke, Jason Adasiewicz, Charles Rumback) featuring the amazing Quartet Parapluie string quartet in the main concert hall at the Old Town School of Folk Music, Maurer Hall as part of the Square Roots Festival, Sunday, July 14th at 6:30pm.  4544 N. Lincoln Ave Here is a video of of this ensemble playing at Constellation in Chicago this past February

Watch Funeral Bonsai Wedding with Strings – live in studio + Midwest tour dates

This week I had the great pleasure of recording a new album live in studio with Funeral Bonsai Wedding (Jason Adasiewicz on vibraphone, Jason Roebke on bass and Charles Rumbeck on drums) AND the Quartet Parapluie string quartet (Melissa Bach on cello, Vannia Phillips on viola and Inger Carle and Andra Kulans on violins). We did three new songs and three songs from my back catalog that seemed like good contenders for strings (“Mastodons,” “The Monkey Mind is on the Prowl,” and “It’s Not What You Think”) all recorded live by the great John Abbey at Kingsize Sound Labs in Chicago. There is still mixing, mastering to be done but the plan is to have it out on LP before the end of the year. I can’t wait to share this music with you all! The Heartland Songwriter’s Review comes to the Midwest This past fall I was part ofContinue readingWatch Funeral Bonsai Wedding with Strings – live in studio + Midwest tour dates

Dolly Varden at Simon’s – Sunday April 7th

Yep, we’re gonna cram the full band into the corner at Simon’s in Edgewater and play 2 full sets for free to celebrate my birthday. We’ll be putting all the songs we’ve ever recorded into a hat and pulling them out randomly. We haven’t rehearsed since December. It’s gonna be awesome.


Well, hello! Happy 2019. It feels good already, doesn’t it? Time to recommit and move forward. Lots of plans and stuff for the new year. Here’s a rundown of sorts. First off: Funeral Bonsai Wedding with String Quartet Parapluie at Constellation on Feb 2nd. Secondly, Dolly Varden is coming to the UK in Sept, 2019. We have a private booking near Reading on Sat Sept 7 and we are looking to build a tour around that date. Anyone of you in the UK wanna host a house concert with Dolly Varden in Sept? If so please write to me at steve at dollyvarden dot com and we’ll talk! In 2018 I grew my hair out, traveled a lot and wrote a bunch of songs about forgiveness. I didn’t play many shows but the shows I did play were pretty much all wonderful experiences with great musicians and friends (thank youContinue reading2019