Summer 2012

Feverishly working to finish recording the new Dolly Varden album – release date October 2nd, 2012!. We’re recording and mixing mostly here at my home studio, Kernel Sound Emporium. We’re also spending a day with John Abbey at Kingsize soon, tracking a handful of new songs live. There’s bunch of new shows listed – including the debut of Funeral Bonsai Wedding, my band with Frank Rosaly, Jason Roebke and Jason Adasiewicz at SPACE in Evanston – the best new venue around. That show is Saturday, June 30th – a double-bill with the great Phil Angotti and his band. You might know – or you might not know – that I regularly record and produce albums for Chicago-based singer-songwriters at Kernel. I’m very excited to announce that two new albums that I worked on are getting officially released this summer: John Engelmann’s “Someone Like Me” and Eugenia Elliot’s “4000 Weeks.” John […]